Clean indoor air possible solutions


What you don’t see can actually make you sick. Polluted outdoor air is not the only carrier of air-borne diseases. Indoor air can also be unsafe. But there are possible solutions to minimize our exposure to polluted air.


Pineapple textile: the new sustainable industry

Gone are the days when pineapple leaves are tossed into the compost pit or buried in the landfills. For from its thorny leaves come fine and sustainable textile.  

10 healing properties of the paragis weed


Had it not for social media, I would have forever hated the ubiquitous weed called Paragis. I had no inkling it's loaded with a significant number of curative properties. It's not a new discovery. In fact, people in the olden times have been using paragis, a certain weed believed to have several curative properties. Even some …

Why is the coconut tree called Tree of Life?

tree of life

When you live long enough anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region, you will realize why the coconut is called “the tree of life”. From housing materials to novelty items, to oil and food production... name it! You’ll be amazed at the versatility of the coconut. Every part of the palm tree has its own shares of uses.

How online stores can make their services better

Online shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest comforts customers can have. Admittedly, many online stores do fall short of shoppers’ expectation at times. But considering the competition that constantly looms over the industry, owners would not be hurt if potential buyers help them improve their craft.