The harmful effects of smog

Smog, a name coined from the words smoke and fog, is a kind of air contamination produced by the photochemical interaction of light with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that are dispensed into the atmosphere by vehicular emissions and postindustrial gas. Studies have found that the effects of smog can be serious and lasting.  While several [...]

CNN Travel picks Tubbataha Reefs as 8th best dive spot

CNN Travel names Tubbataha Reefs among the best dive destinations in the world, ranking it 8th of the top 50 underwater spots.  The reefs are home to several hundreds of coral and fish species, and protector of one of the few remaining colonies of breeding seabirds.   The top 50 dive spots The complete list [...]

What is ocean acidification?

Ocean acidification is the ongoing reduction in the basicity of the earth’s ocean as a result of the uptake of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere over an extended period. Global warming, as we all are aware of, is one of the major concerns that the present generation has to deal with.  It is primarily [...]

Why are mangroves important?

Mangroves are often called coastal bioshield because of its crucial role in the ecological system. They provide a safe refuge for aquatic organisms, protects mankind from storm surge, and secures economic livelihood of coastal communities. At the same time, mangroves significantly facilitates in moving organic matter and energy from the land  to marine ecosystems. What [...]

Environmentally friendly alternative materials to plastic

It’s high time that we should seriously consider using alternative materials to plastic to improve our quality of life and a healthier environment. Anywhere you look, you see plastic – from feeding bottles to grocery goods container to food storage to credit cards.  It is indeed ubiquitous.   Because plastics are lightweight, easy to carry, [...]

Watch out for the revolutionary Rolltop laptop

The revolutionary Rolltop laptop is set to make a new trend in portable computer. It’s not just a futuristic gadget. It’s ergonomic. Get ready to welcome the newest invention in portable computer. Developed by the Munich-based design firm, Rolltop, the revolutionary laptop carries the concept to serve the purpose of designers, architects, and everyone seeking [...]

Coffin out of banana sheaves available

Have you heard of coffins made of banana sheaves? Some funeral homes have now turned to promoting eco-friendly coffins as alternative to the conventional wood material. This is their share of helping reduce the impact of climate change - by minimizing the use of hard wood and non-biodegradable options.