Watch out for the revolutionary Rolltop laptop

The revolutionary Rolltop laptop is set to make a new trend in portable computer. It’s not just a futuristic gadget. It’s ergonomic.

Rolltop laptop - carrying mode

Get ready to welcome the newest invention in portable computer. Developed by the Munich-based design firm, Rolltop, the revolutionary laptop carries the concept to serve the purpose of designers, architects, and everyone seeking an ergonomic instrument. Rolltop laptop incorporates latest high-tech devices with new design techniques to produce optimum quality and productivity of the user.

Particularly, the revolutionary laptop is said to feature Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED) functionality. OLED refers to those ultra-thin panels coated with an organic compound that emit light based on the amount of electricity they receive. Since the panels are very small, they can be mounted on flexible surfaces. With the OLED technology, you can enjoy wider viewing angles and superior color reproduction.

Rolltop - laptop

In addition, the new device features a multi-touch display, so you can use it as a 13-inch laptop screen, or a full 17-inch monitor with a stand attached to it.

And unlike the typical laptop, Rolltop laptop does not require a bag, anymore. It’s like a ‘magic scroll’. You can roll up the screen into an 11-inch tube, as it folds around a base tower containing the loudspeaker, web camera, and the detachable power supply and cable. The cable itself serves as a shoulder strap. All other computer utilities, such as interactive pen, and the rest are all integrated into the laptop, making it very convenient to carry everywhere.

To give you an idea of how the Rolltop laptop works, watch the video.

At this point, production of the revolutionary laptop is on its finalization stage. It will be released anytime soon, the designer firm promised. So, watch out for it! And when it comes out in the market, be the first to try the ‘magic scroll’ device.

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