Role of parents in keeping their teens from drugs

The role of parents is crucial in shaping their children’s character and lifestyle amid the threats of drug abuse.

Drugs - Pimp C 2

Who is still familiar with Pimp C?

To recall, Pimp C was the rapper, singer, and producer, who died of drug overdose involving DXM in December 2007. He was quite vocal about the use of “Sizzurp”, or the abuse of cough syrup to obtain a different high, in some of his music.

DXM, short form for Dextromethorphan, is an antitussin or cough suppressant that works by dropping the sensitivity of the brain’s cough control center.  It is one of the basic ingredients in more than a hundred over-the-counter cough medicines, and cold and flu tablets. Particularly, any medicine bearing “tuss” in its name contains DXM, like Robitussin, Pertussin, and Tussafed.

Sadly though, DXM has become the common substance of abuse among teens. Studies show that more than three million teenagers abuse DXM because of its hallucinogenic effect, which they seek for. Its effects vary according to the user’s body size and genetic makeup, and depending on the amount ingested, and on his level of drug tolerance.

Two of the reasons teenagers use and abuse drugs are peer pressure and media influence. But parents can save their children from such control. They have a crucial role in shaping their children’s lifestyle away from drugs during their formative years.

Here are some useful pointers for parents to help keep their children from the temptation of drug use.

Be there for your teen when he needs to get out of a bad situation. It is important to set an atmosphere where your children feel secure knowing that he has someone to lean on and confide his problem to.

Drugs - DXM

Take time to know your teen’s friends and their parents on a first name basis.  This way you would know the kind of friends he or she has.

Be sure to interact or connect with your teen in the after-school hours.  If you are unable to be there when your teen gets home, call him or leave notes.  You may assign another adult to supervise him when you are away, or sign him up for an after-school program that may be of interest to him.

Discuss with your teen the harmful effects of drugs in a manner that does not sound like you are delivering a lecture.

Encourage your teen to get involved in extracurricular activities and/or sports.  This would keep him busy and develop a sense of responsibility, aside from molding his identity.

Be a role model. If you do not want your children to drink, smoke or take drugs, then do not do it yourself.

The role of parents is very important in molding the character of a growing child, particularly in this generation where drug abuse and antisocial behaviour are rampant.

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