Going green at home

Our planet Earth has already suffered so much due to our overuse, and abuse of the resources that nature has provided us with. Even as governments are doing something to resolve the issues, we, as citizens of this planet must also do our share in keeping our activities and consumption within the carrying capacity.  And the [...]

Health benefits of coconut water

In my previous post, Coco toyo: condiment from coconut water I shared how coconut water, one of the purest liquids known to man, can be made into a healthy substitute for chemically-enhanced soy sauce. Now, let me share with you the other benefits derived from coconut water. Refreshing drink.  Aside from being the best drink to [...]

Snap with eco-friendly digital cameras

Thanks to those who invented the digital cameras, we don’t have to worry anymore about running out of films in the midst of capturing important scenes or events. We can also forego the agony of waiting for our photographs to be processed and printed. And by using digital cameras, we help reduce our carbon footprints.

Living dangerously with polluted air

The Industrial Revolution ushered humanity into an age of economic progress, and a new kind of lifestyle.  A lifestyle that retrogressed from healthy to dirty.  Since then, we have been living dangerously with soot and polluted air. In fact, it is now very rare to find a place where we can breathe clean air. Alongside the so-called [...]

Coco toyo: condiment from coconut water

  Soy sauce is one of the most important condiments that Filipinos cannot live without.  It's the primary ingredient to the ever popular adobo dish.  And I bet you even have a favorite commercial brand that you can readily get from the supermarket or the nearest sari-sari store.  But, how about trying to make your [...]

Is prolonged use of mobile phone harmful to health?

There’s a continuing debate regarding the effects of prolonged use of mobile phone. Whether it’s proven to be dangerous or not, it’s still pays to be cautious than sorry later on. A team of scientists who studied about the effects of mobile phones to users found enough evidence to classify this gadget as potentially carcinogenic [...]