Coco toyo: a soy-free sauce from coconut water

Soy sauce is one of the most important food ingredients in Southeast Asia. But what if a soy-free sauce is made to substitute the traditional soybean-based condiment? Will its consumers welcome it?

There’s this episode of an agriculture-oriented TV program in the Philippines that I can’t seem to take off my mind. It’s about a soy-free sauce made from coconut water. In the video, a local farmer and the TV host demonstrated the process of producing an alternative to the common soybean-based sauce. They called the product ‘coco toyo’, which simply means coconut sauce.

coco toyo

I became interested in this new discovery with the small coconut farmers in the country in mind. Every 3 months, they harvest the coconut drupes for copra purposes. And as the meat is extracted from the shells, they just throw the water away. So I thought it might as well be wise to utilize this water.

Thanks to Ms. Karen M. Verona, the Executive Producer of “Agri Tayo Dito” TV program on ABS-CBN. She selflessly shared the ‘coco toyo’ recipe.


2 liters of coconut water (Be sure it is fresh and free from any foreign particles)


  1. Put the coconut water into a pre-heated pan.
  2. Stir it constantly for about 10 minutes.
  3. Cover the pan and let boil.  Leave for 20 – 25 minutes.
  4. Stir the coconut water again.  This time the water must have already changed color from clear to light brown.
  5. Wait until the water becomes caramelized (or black).  Let cool, and store it in a clean bottle or another container.

I tried making this coco toyo at home but I didn’t succeed. Perhaps, I did it the wrong way. I encourage you, then, to try this yourself. It’s a healthy alternative to the condiment that we were used to. Besides, it’s a potential source of income among the small coconut farmers.

Check out also the health benefits you get from drinking coconut water.

9 Replies to “Coco toyo: a soy-free sauce from coconut water”

    1. Coconut juice makes you feel full easily. Perhaps, that was why you got stomach ache. But eventually, you will get used to drinking coconut juice. It’s healthy for the body.

      Best regards!


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