Snap with eco-friendly digital cameras

Thanks to those who invented the digital cameras, we don’t have to worry anymore about running out of films in the midst of capturing important scenes or events.  We can also forego the agony of waiting for our photographs to be processed and printed.  And by using digital cameras, we help reduce our carbon footprints.

A camera is one of the most important things we cannot leave without when going for excursions or vacations.  We all love to capture every other moment of our life [read: selfie or groupie].

film camera

But gone are the days when you have to go through a long process – from buying a film, loading it onto the camera, then a trip back to the studio for developing – before you finally get to flaunt what you got during your sojourn.

And, if you were a photographer who owns a studio, you have the additional tasks of going to the dark room, prepare the chemicals, trays, enlargers, special lights, and all those stuff to work on the negatives.

Digital cameras have replaced the good old film cameras.  And perhaps, it’s one of the best things that happen in the field of photography.  Unlike the old film cameras, the digital versions are more handy and hassle-free.  No films required, no waiting time for films to develop, and they are much lighter. And since they don’t require films and chemicals for developing the negatives, they are easy on the environment and friendly to the photographer’s health.

Canon - EOS-1200D

I’m biased for the Canon brand of digital compact cameras, specifically the EOS 1200D model.  I’m not saying it’s the best because, in the first place, I haven’t tried any other brand yet.  In other words, I have nothing to compare it with. But so far, I’m so happy with the EOS performance. I’ve been using it for quite a time now and it hasn’t failed me.  It’s easy to use even for beginners or those having difficulty in focusing because of its “Scene Intelligent Auto” feature.

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