Going green at home

Our planet Earth has already suffered so much due to our overuse, and abuse of the resources that nature has provided us with. Even as governments are doing something to resolve the issues, we, as citizens of this planet must also do our share in keeping our activities and consumption within the carrying capacity.  And the least we could do is to start going green at home.

When joined together, every little thing we do to help reduce our impact on the environment counts a lot. Here are some of countless ways to do it.

conserve water

Conserve water. The status of potable water in the world is considerably getting scarce dangerously low and we might not have enough of it in the coming years.  So, let’s make a conscious effort in performing these little tasks at home. All we need to do is just a bit of behavioral changes.

  • shorten shower time by a minute or two
  • use low-flow shower heads to lessen the amount of water, without having to suffer from lack of performance
  • install a low-flow toilet
  • always turn the tap off or use a glass when brushing your teeth
  • don’t run the tap when rinsing your dishes.  Instead, use a basin, or fill your basin sink.
  • put an aerator on all household faucets
  • instead of running your garden hose, use a broom to clean your driveway
Use energy-saving appliances. Buy or replace old appliances with energy-efficient models to save on energy consumption.
Replace or clean the filters and vents in your air conditioning system.  This helps you save on energy  at the same time increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system.
Use eco-friendly cleaning materials.  Make use of some of your kitchen items and food ingredients in cleaning kitchen counters and stove, instead of advocating chemical-based cleaning solutions.  Baking soda, lemon juice, and borax can do the cleaning perfectly.
eco green bagsUse eco green bags.  Instead of using plastic shopping bags, take an eco green bag every time you buy your groceries.  This will help cut down on non-biodegradable waste materials and harmful emissions generated in the production of plastic bags.  Eco-friendly bags are reusable for more than a hundred times.
Use environmentally friendly paints.  The next time you paint your house, beware of those conventional house paints containing solvents, toxic metals, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They contribute to smog, ozone pollution, and indoor air quality problems.  Choose paints that have zero or low VOC content.
There are still a lot more to do in going green at home. Even the simplest task of reusing an empty medicine bottle can go a long way in saving our ailing earth.

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