Bananacue: an all-time best selling street food

It’s merienda time! Time for bananacue! An all-time best selling street food in the Philippines, bananacue is made of deep fried banana coated in caramelized brown sugar.  It is usually skewered on bamboo stick when sold, for the convenience in handling and eating. It is not cooked on the skewer. Bananacue is a favorite mid-afternoon snack for many [...]

Going bananas: sagging with benefits

While the Philippines has successfully put its piña fabric, the clothing made of pineapple leaves, into the mainstream of the fashion industry, let’s move further forward and identify another possible source of our basic need - that is, clothing, hoping to revive the tradition and lifestyle that our forefathers used to have.  I’m not talking [...]

Eco-tourism on Siquijor Island

The tiny Siquijor Island has now become one of the new tourist and traveler destinations in Central Visayas, Philippines. Its pristine white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves, and other sites have attracted many people seeking for a tranquil respite.  And because it is sparsely populated, Siquijor is able to preserve its natural beauty - and the [...]

Hybrid vehicles: a transport to sustainable development

Fossil fuels have brought us into this modern economy. But they also put us in danger because of the increasing carbon dioxide levels they produce. It is now time that we seriously look into the use of hybrid vehicles to reduce emission of carbon dioxide. Hybrid vehicles that are charged by electricity produce clean energy. [...]

When are we going to commute on an e-trike?

  In a forum with the Department of Energy on June 30 this year, Puerto Princesa city mayor Edward Hagedorn announced that the local government has purchased one hundred units of the energy-efficient electric tricycles, or e-trikes, to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the city.  Hagedorn said that sixty of those units [...]

Wishing you a green Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas!  And once again, it’s time to deck our homes. How about making it a green Christmas, for a change? Christians all over the world, including me, make it a habit to decorate our respective homes for the Christmas season. It’s part of our tradition to set a festive and joyous atmosphere as [...]