Wishing you a green Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas!  And once again, it’s time to deck our homes. How about making it a green Christmas, for a change?

Christmas - parol
Filipino parol (lantern)

Christians all over the world, including me, make it a habit to decorate our respective homes for the Christmas season. It’s part of our tradition to set a festive and joyous atmosphere as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

But depending on one’s culture, the actual decoration process varies. It may be done just  a few days prior to Christmas Eve, on Christmas Eve itself, or it may even start as soon as the so-called “ber months” [starting September] usher in, like what we do in the Philippines.

I know, when we talk about Christmas decors, most of you would probably think of those items that are readily available at the department stores. Well, it’s good. But, I’m just thinking, what if we’d try something like a green Christmas this time, perhaps?

For a change, why don’t we try some of these innovative suggestions

Magazine Christmas tree.  Perhaps, you have some pretty old magazines that have been gathering up dust in one corner of your home.  Did you know that you can actually make a unique little Christmas tree out of it?  Take one out and watch the video (below) on how to do it. You may put a little star at its tip, too, if you like!

Alternative Christmas tree materials. There is no need to chop down a fresh tree, actually.  All you need is a little creativity.  I am sure there are a lot of items in your house that can be transformed into a fantastic Christmas tree. How about any of these, for example?

  • A camera tripod
  • An old drying rack
  • A ladder
  • Scrap wires and metals

Dress it up with some of the decors you used the previous year, like: poinsettia, a few strands of garland, beads, balls, bells, some seashells, pine cones, some barks and leaves.  Just add a little glitter and a few strands of series lights to make it appear lively and new!

Live tree.  Perhaps, you have some potted little trees or bonsai in your garden.  You can utilize it for the season, too.

Reuse. It is all right to reuse your old artificial Christmas tree and decors. This way, you help minimize waste at the landfill.  Just make a little bit of retouch to those old materials to make them look new and different from what they used to be.

Christmas - tripod
Tripod Christmas tree

Turn to nature.  If your artificial Christmas tree is beyond retouch, look around for dead tree branches in your locality.  You may even want to collect fallen items from the ground, like pine cones, dried leaves, bark, or twigs. I remember how my sister transformed a bunch of coconut midribs into a beautiful Christmas tree.

Christmas lights.  Choose a series of Christmas lights that are safe to use and are energy-efficient.  The light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, may seem to cost more when you don’t look beyond the price tag.  But they can save you a lot of money because they last up to ten thousand hours compared with its standard incandescent counterpart, which can operate only up to five thousand hours.  Besides, with LEDs you can significantly reduce environmental impact due to energy consumption.

A green Christmas is not only easy on our budget, but it also makes our planet Earth a bit happy.

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