Bananacue: an all-time best selling street food

It’s merienda time! Time for bananacue!

bananacue 1

An all-time best selling street food in the Philippines, bananacue is made of deep fried banana coated in caramelized brown sugar.  It is usually skewered on bamboo stick when sold, for the convenience in handling and eating. It is not cooked on the skewer.

Bananacue is a favorite mid-afternoon snack for many Filipinos. It is a highly nutritious snack considering that its main ingredient is the saba or cardava variety of banana.

bananacue 2
saba or cardava

Cardava, a plantain banana, is found to have the highest content of nutrients because, compared with other varieties, its roots go deepest and absorb more nutrients from the soil.

Bananas, in general, are rich in potassium, which plays a vital role in delivering oxygen to the brain, maintaining a regular heartbeat, and keeping a proper water balance in the body.  Potassium is also important in reducing strokes and regulating blood pressure.

Besides, banana contains abundant vitamins and minerals that are good sources of natural energy. In fact, consuming just two pieces of banana will give you enough energy to exercise for an hour and a half. It also helps stop constipation since banana contains a certain type of fiber that facilitates in the restoration and maintenance of regular bowel functions.

In addition, bananas can help people who are trying to quit smoking because its B vitamins and other mineral contents help minimize the physical and psychological impact of nicotine withdrawal.  Likewise, its vitamin B6 content helps reduce menstrual cramps and regulates women’s general mood.  Banana’s calming properties can also help pregnant women overcome morning sickness.

Aside from the health benefits, bananacue is also a very affordable snack.  Its cost range from 5 pesos to 15 pesos, depending on where you buy it.

Just a bit of trivia about bananas:

  • They are plants, not trees.
  • Bananas are among of the oldest cultivated plants, native to the South and South East Asian regions.
  • Its blossoms are ideal for cooking as vegetables, and even perfect for salad.
  • Its leaves can be used in wrapping and for cooking.
  • Banana is the fourth most important global food crop.
  • Most of all, bananacue is authentically Filipino.

If you want to try our delicious bananacue, come to the Philippines.  It’s more fun here!

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