Friendship knows no boundaries

Each creation is part of the ecosystem.  No matter what species you belong, you have an important purpose of being on this planet we call Earth.  It is worthwhile, then, to respect each species despite our differences. See how domestic animals interrelate with wildlife!  Let us then be conscious and respect the rights of others - [...]

Wildlife: why should we care about it?

 They are fierce!They hurt people!So why should we care to save the beasts that will only harm us? Yes, it's true, wild animals can hurt us.  But, ironically though, our very lives are interrelated to their existence.  Everything and everyone depends on wild species, either directly or indirectly. All animals - including us, humans - and [...]

Animals are silent witnesses to global warming

Scientists warned that mass extinction of wild animals is likely to happen in the near future due to global warming. In fact, it has already started creating significant changes in climatic conditions that threaten species in different parts of the world. Polar Bears Polar bears depend on sea ice because they use it as a [...]

Clean water is not everywhere

Water may be a renewable resource as it replenishes itself through rain. But we should bear in mind that only 3 percent of it is fresh, and only a third of this amount is potable. The rest of the Earth's water is part of the ice caps and glaciers.  Over 700 million people in the [...]