Wildlife: why should we care about it?

Save Wildlife
They are fierce!
They hurt people!
So why should we care to save the beasts that will only harm us?

Yes, it’s true, wild animals can hurt us.  But, ironically though, our very lives are interrelated to their existence.  Everything and everyone depends on wild species, either directly or indirectly. All animals – including us, humans – and all green plants depend on micro-organisms cycling the chemical components necessary for life, even as several plants bank on insects and other animals for fertilization and dispersal.  

Besides, the crops from which we get our food, and the domestic animals we raise for pets and/or for consumption descend from wildlife.  To sum it all up, all organisms are like parts of a human body with each part dependent upon others, and losing even one part would significantly create an imbalance.  

Wildlife is part of God’s Creation, they have the right to live just as humans do.

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