Coconut Oil: Effective Prevention of Hair Fall

Coconut oil is, perhaps, the most useful product Nature has ever produced. You can use it in varied applications – from food preparation to health care. In this article, let’s see how coconut oil helps prevent hair fall.

I don’t question the importance of professional medical advice regarding hair problem. But there are also natural methods that you can rely on even without seeking doctor’s advice, like the coconut oil. In fact, people in the ancient times had been using it as an effective means to control hair fall.

Why is coconut oil effective in treating hair fall?

Aside from being cheap and all-natural, coconut oil is packed with these essential properties.

Lauric acid

Lauric acid is a medium chain fatty acid that protects the roots of your hair and prevents it from breakage. Coconut oil is the richest source of lauric acid. It contains around 50% of the substance. It has the ability to reduce and prevent loss of hair protein more effectively than what sunflower and mineral oils do. Likewise, lauric acid is loaded with monolaurin, a substance full of antibacterial property that effectively fights against bugs.

Antibacterial and antifungal properties

Aside from lauric acid, coconut oil also contains two other fatty acids – caprylic, and capric acids. These are known to work against fungi. With all these three types of acids in coconut oil, you are assured of an effective treatment for dandruff, lice and lice eggs. Dandruff and lice are contributing factors that hinder hair growth. So, to ensure freedom from this menace, make it a habit to massage your head with coconut oil from time to time.

Coconut oil is also good at preventing split ends.

Essential nutrients

Coconut oil is a good source of vitamins E and K, and iron. These vitamins and mineral are essential for maintaining luster and softness of your hair.  Again, vitamin E works effectively against dandruff.


With regular application of coconut oil, you can expect to have a strong and moisturized hair. The oil penetrates into your hair shaft and conditions your mane from the inside. At the same time, it protects your hair follicles from heat and harsh weather conditions.

Promotes better blood circulation

By massaging your scalp with coconut oil, you significantly promote blood circulation. Thus, allowing the essential nutrients and oxygen into your hair follicles, making it healthy.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for hair, skin, and for cooking

How to apply coconut oil on your hair

Depending on your personal preference, you may apply coconut oil either before or after washing your hair. If you have a slightly wavy, or straight hair, I suggest that you treat your hair with coconut oil before washing it. Personally, I do it at least 30 minutes before shampooing. I have a slightly wavy hair.

If your hair is rather thick or curly, you may apply the coconut oil either before or after washing it. Don’t worry about getting a greasy-looking hair. Curly hair tends to absorb oil quickly. So, you would not end up with too sticky-shiny hair.  

Be aware, however, that some types of hair, particularly the protein-sensitive, do not fare well to post-wash oil treatment. You better consult your doctor on this matter first.

Some people ask whether it is more effective to heat the coconut oil first before applying or just have it at room temperature. Basically, it produces the same effects. However, since coconut oil can coagulate in lower room temperature, it makes sense to have it warmed a bit before using.  Be sure, though, to not heat it too much. The heat might damage your scalp.

Coconut oil application before shampooing. Apply a generous amount of coconut oil onto your scalp and gently massage it in a circular motion for at least five minutes. Give particular attention to your hair strands. Leave the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes.

If your hair fall problem is severe or if your concern is hair breakage, you may let the oil on for two to four hours. Then, wash your hair off with regular shampoo.

Oil application after shampooing. If your problem is more on dry hair or split-ends, apply a little amount of coconut oil two to three inches towards the tip of your hair. But wait until your hair has completely dried out before applying. The oil will be quickly absorbed by your hair and makes a protective coat around the hair strands.

When mixed with baking soda, coconut oil also makes a good facial wash.

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