Biking: how does it benefit you and the environment?

The benefits of biking go beyond physical fitness. It heals the environment and cuts your expenses, too. You just have to try it to prove it.


Electronic entertainment has successfully kept children and teens sitting in one place for hours, developing in them a sense of sedentary lifestyle.

There is nothing wrong with electronic gaming for as long as it is done in moderation.  Young people should not be allowed to spend more than four hours before a television set or a computer screen. Otherwise, they run the risk of developing certain illnesses. Not to mention addiction.

As parent or guardian, you have the responsibility to regulate your child’s television watching or computer gaming habit. You can do this by devising activities that involve physical movements. Such activities should be fun, too. to motivate them more.

Biking is one activity that you may want to consider doing.

Biking is not just for the sports enthusiasts. It is for everybody. Now that obesity has become a serious problem among children and teens worldwide, we should all consider it imperative to bike regularly. Not just as a form of exercise, but also a way of life! Besides, biking is not only good for the young. It’s great for the entire family.


Benefits of biking

Biking is fun. Let’s start with the fun side of it, instead of directly saying it as a form of exercise. You see, many people dread the term “exercise”, and so they would readily shy away from it. Biking is fun when you do it with your family or loved ones. It’s a perfect bonding activity.

It opens opportunities for meeting people. When you go out biking, you get the chance of meeting new faces. So, it’s a great opportunity to build new networks of friends and, potential associates. Isn’t it great to exchange ideas with people who share similar interest? Biking on weekends and holidays allows you to meet and greet your neighbours who you may not have noticed they existed right there.

Biking reduces stress and improves productivity at work. For how could you be stressed when you’re having fun! It can also help reduce your anxiety and depression – if these were issues for you. Pedalling slowly can be an opportunity to appreciate more of the nuances of your surroundings.

Benefits to your health. Among the many advantages you can get from regular bike commuting include:

  • an increase in your blood circulation and joint mobility
  • a boost on your energy level
  • it increases your cardiovascular fitness
  • strengthens your bones and muscles, and improves its flexibility
  • improves your posture and coordination
  • reduces your body fat levels
  • helps you manage your ailment
  • increases your metabolic rate

It allows you to save on health care expenses. Since biking helps you manage your health condition, you can save a lot on medication expenses.

Biking helps you reduce weight because it burns your body fat and builds your muscles.

Frees you from traffic congestion. You will not get stuck in traffic because you are going to use the bike lanes. This is advantageous especially if you bike to work.

It saves you travel money. When you switch from car use to bike commute, you will cut a considerable amount on these aspects:

  • petrol – we all know too well how petrol prices can fluctuate anytime
  • tires
  • fluids
  • maintenance
  • washing
  • parking – this can be very frustrating and time-consuming

Biking helps minimize deforestation. Advocating a cycling culture allows you to help reduce deforestation of rubber plantations and biofuel crops. A bicycle requires only a little amount of rubber and lubricant compared with motor vehicles or cars do.

Biking is low impact on the environment. When it comes to air and noise pollution, cycling produces zero-emission.

By accurate calculations, however, biking does emit carbon dioxide. But at only 21 grams per kilometre, its emission is still way lower than that of cars and other modes of transport. An average car emits 271 grams and a bus 101 grams. This calculation includes emissions related to production, maintenance, and fuel¹.

These are but few of the many benefits of biking. You’ll realize its effects only when you have started making it a habit. So let’s start biking now to good health and a cleaner environment!


¹“CO2 emissions from cycling revealed”. 13 December 2011. Web. 7 October 2014.

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