Coconut milk: an effective remedy for constipation?

A cup of coconut milk may be all that it takes to solve constipation. This home remedy acts fast to relieve your discomfort. And it’s healthy, too.

At some points in our lives and for some reasons, we experience constipation. And it is, indeed, inconvenient, while you’re at it. I should know because I did experience it myself.

The first time I had constipation, I literally panicked. How could I be constipated when I drink plenty of water every day? I also made sure that I consume enough fibers. What could be the problem? I was literally baffled considering that I did not have any health problem.  

So, my first reaction was to self-medicate. I did not want to have an appointment with the doctor in that inconvenient condition. And so, I asked someone to buy me a commercially-popular medicine. Unfortunately, that brand did not work for me. I tried another brand that I saw advertised on TV. Still, it didn’t work. I then turned to castor oil, gulping all 60 milliliters of it! But then again, it didn’t help.

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Coconut milk to the rescue

Finally, I took notice of the mature coconut drupes piled in our backyard. Knowing that coconuts are oily, I thought it might help. Although honestly, I was doubting its efficacy, I took one of the coconuts (a big one) and have it cut open. I took out the meat and ate all of it, making sure to swallow its milk. For I was thinking that the coconut milk is the oiliest.

And…. after about an hour, I felt I was ready to go. And, it was a success. I was finally relieved! Since that first experience (that was more than 10 years ago), I’ve never taken any conventional medicine to relieve constipation anymore. And because it worked for me, I’m quick to recommend coconut milk to anyone suffering from constipation.

However, I’m aware that not all persons’ digestive system reacts in the same way as mine. Coconut milk contains sugars and specific carbohydrates that may upset your stomach. Or, you may have an issue with fructose malabsorption. In cases like these, I don’t advise you to resort to coconut milk to ease your constipation. If you do try this home remedy, anyway, just consume a little (as minimal as 2 tablespoons) or a moderate amount. Nevertheless, it’s still important to be prudent in everything that concerns your health. For chronic constipation problem, you need to seek professional advice from your physician.

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