Coconut milk an effective home remedy for constipation

Constipation is an inconvenience that we experience at some points in our lives. Unless it is chronic, it can actually be eased with coconut milk.

coconut milk

Coconut is known to be the ‘tree of life’ for of its thousand uses. From the roots to the leaves, you will surely get something beneficial from a coconut.

Coconut milk alone has several uses. It is an effective home remedy for constipation. And, I can attest to this because I personally experienced it.

Coconut milk to the rescue

The first time I experienced a difficulty in defecating, I literally panicked. I did not know what to do. How could I have it when I drink a lot of water every day! I also made sure to eat enough fibers – or so I thought I had enough!

coconut milk

My first impulse then was to self-medicate. I bought a commercially-popular brand that was advertised on TV. Unfortunately, the product did not work for me. So, I tried another brand. And still, it was useless. I also tried gulping a small bottle of castor oil. Again, these did not ease my agony.

And then, as if on cue, I saw this coconut in our backyard. I took it and have it grated. Although I was a bit skeptical about it at first, I held on to the thought that since coconut is oily, it might help ease my problem. So, I went ahead. I squeezed out the coconut milk and drank a full glass of it!

After about an hour later, I found myself hurrying to the toilet. It was a success! My constipation problem was solved with the help of the “mighty coconut milk”.

From then on, I’ve been confidently advising friends and family who experience the same issue as mine. And they said coconut milk worked for them, too. You might as well try this effective home remedy for constipation.

You might as well try this effective home remedy for constipation.

A word of caution

Some quarters claim that coconut milk may have negative effects on your health. Three of the problems they raised include fructose malabsorption, guar gum, and Bisphenol-A (BPA). But the thing is that if your purpose of taking coconut milk is only to ease constipation, you wouldn’t be consuming it on a regular basis anyway. Nevertheless, it’s still important to be prudent in everything that concerns your health. For chronic constipation problem, you need to seek professional advice from your physician.


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