How online stores can make their services better

Online shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest comforts customers can have. Admittedly, many online stores do fall short of shoppers’ expectation at times. But considering the competition that constantly looms over the industry, owners would not be hurt if potential buyers help them improve their craft.

Shopping online saves me a lot of time. It spares me from traffic congestion and the agony of waiting in line at the store counters. Generally, I’m satisfied with the services these different online shops provide, particularly that of Lazada.

But just like many other service providers, many online stores I’ve used were not perfect. There are instances that could have been done better. And I think I am not alone in having observed some common lapses in online services. Among the bad experiences I’ve had include

  • Frustration over a product that is not what the picture depicted
  • Receiving a defective product
  • Delayed delivery
Suggestions for online stores

Because I’m an advocate of online stores, I want my voice to be heard. I want my online shopping experience to be more convenient and customer-friendly. And I think my suggestions would not benefit only me, but will also satisfy many, if not all, online buyers.

Strengthen Content Marketing strategy. In internet marketing, it matters to receive the greater number of visitors. The more traffic to your site, the better your visibility and the greater is your chances of getting customers.

  • Create highly shareable content. Evoke reactions from your readers and potential customers. Let them interact with your product. And allow them to share their own experiences along the way. People love to share content that they can relate to. So, take this as an opportunity to widen your reach – through their respective network.
  • Make your content stand out. You can do this by providing value to your potential customers. Internet users want to learn new things. They are interested when you give them tips that would help them make better use of the product you offer. It would be truly rewarding when you create a content that is practical. This way, you can expect your customers to keep coming back to your site for more updates.
  • Apply a designated hashtag in your content. The purpose of which is to raise awareness about your products. Write a detailed description of each item. By doing so, you would eliminate frustrations among your customers of not getting what they expected.
  • Create or ask your sellers to provide a live video of their product. Ask for details about the video so you may incorporate it in your description text.
  • Make your focus be customer-centric. When you write your content, always put yourself in your customer’s shoes.
  • Optimize the power of social media influencers. For example, you want to promote a particular workout equipment. You may integrate the “how-tos” elements of dieting that complement the exercise regimen.

Website. Make your online stores more user-friendly and easy to navigate. As much as possible avoid clutter.

  • Product presentation. Buyers don’t get to touch or see the actual product. Instead, they rely heavily on the photographs you display online. It is important, then, that you give full information about the listed products, including the sizes, dimensions, and all other aspects. It’s frustrating to receive an order that is short of your expectations.
  • Good listing. Present several high-quality photographs of the product. Take the photos from the different angles.

online stores

Efficient and quick customer service. Does anyone else experiences being put on hold before a Customer Service agent answers your call? I experience that more than a couple times. And, I’m not talking about a few seconds only – but long minutes!

It’s frustrating and a drain on your patience, indeed!

Again, because I am an advocate of electronic commerce, I’d like to shout out. Could online stores out there level up your customer service? I think it does not cost much to provide a chatbot. Something that does not only involve typing your queries. It rather matters if a customer can actually engage in a vocal conversation with a competent and helpful customer service representative. This way, the customer can express his complaints well and in details.

Competition is stiff. Online stores should apply a SPEED customer service strategy. I’m sure your patrons would love it, and they would be willing to pay more for it! You see, customers want fast. But if you can make it instant, that would be so much better!

Improved delivery service. I understand delivery service can take a crawling pace especially during peak seasons, like Christmas. Bad weather condition and road congestion are other factors that can also delay delivery schedule.  

Peak seasons, bad weather, and road congestion in highly urbanized centers are given factors. They are out of the online retailer’s control. But, at least, the electronic commerce industry can do something about these problematic situations.

Customers are generally impatient. They want fast service – and fast means instant! And so, from my personal perspective, I offer a few suggestions that might help to improve your delivery service

  • Communicate. Honesty matters. It eases the customer’s anxiety over a delayed order. Do not wait for the customer to make a follow-up to his order. As soon as you discover that the delivery would be delayed, notify your buyer immediately. Be honest. Don’t give false promises. A good communication skill is a key here. You may send an SMS, e-mail update, or give him a call.
  • Accurate tracking. Provide a clear and accurate tracking of the products sent. This would help the customer follow the status of his order. It also saves you time answering unnecessary queries.
  • Provide assurance and greater support. When things get delayed, do not wash your hands off the responsibility and put the blame on the courier. After all, the buyer would not hold the carrier responsible. Rather, they would chase after you. So, be proactive.
  • Set up your own delivery service. Having your own delivery service allows you full control of the delivery schedule and the staff manning it.
  • Delivery drones. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), commonly known as drones, are no longer limited to surveillance, farming, and agriculture. Drones can now be used in logistics and commerce, too. You may utilize these vehicles for express shipments especially to cities where vehicular traffic is heavy. They can also be an efficient delivery service to rural areas where infrastructure is not well established.

To sum these all up, online stores have still plenty of room to improve their craft. It’s a dog eats dog world in cyber marketing. If you are not keen on keeping up with the trend, you might as well lose them to your competitors. Listen to what your customers have to say. And gain more prospective buyers.

[This post is an entry for the iPrice E-Commerce Blogging Competition]

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