Twisted Threads – Book Review

A must-read for romantic suspense lovers

Book review

Twisted Threads
By Kaylin McFarren

As the title suggests, Twisted Threads is a novel filled with twists, surprises, and varied turns of events. Just as the reader is tempted to surmise the suspect, a sudden twist in the story occurs. The author skillfully entangles the story together that the reader would find it difficult to put the book down once you started reading it. Written by Kaylin McFarren, the book is fourth of a series of Threads. But it can actually stand alone.

The central character of the story is Akira, a geisha turned assassin. Professionally trained by a yakuza-type organization, she’s commissioned to exact justice for the death of an important figure of the group. To accomplish her mission, Akira has to embark on a 10-day cruise on the ship on which the suspects are said to be on board. Equipped with her sword and a firm stance to kill, she summarized her mission in these words:

“… the only thing sweeter than a secret is revenge.”

Her master plan includes befriending and getting close to the nephew of the Lyons couple, intending to make him an unwitting accomplice. As soon as the ship starts its voyage, the twists also begin rolling off. One unexpected twist in the story is when Akira falls in love with her target accomplice.

McFarren is indeed a master at keeping her story compelling without losing track of the title of the book. From beginning to end, the threads keep on entangling covering mystery, revenge, adventure, romance, and loyalty to family. On the technical side, meanwhile, I should say Twisted Threads has undergone a thorough editing and proofreading. I haven’t noticed any major typographical and grammatical glitches in the book.

I give Twisted Thread a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. And I recommend it to people aged 18 years old and above. I don’t suggest this to younger readers because of its graphic content. It contains some sensitive scenes that are not suitable for young readers.

Twisted Threads is also a good gift item.

I haven’t read the first three installments of the Thread series. But since I find this volume compelling, I can’t wait to read the previous 3 volumes. I’m convinced at McFarren’s storytelling skill.

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