Duck raincoat for kids: when rain means fun

When it rains, and you can’t complain!

Rain is fun for kids. They love the cool splashing feeling and take delight in the mini-stream running under their feet.

But for moms with physically vulnerable kids, rain can be an inconvenience, a threat to the child’s health. Especially, when the little one insists on playing in it. And here is where the struggle begins!

How can you appease your child in this situation?

There’s an easy solution to that, mommy! I found this cute UFO-looking raincoat for toddlers. Unlike the typical rain gear, this one has a body that spreads sideways like an umbrella. It shields your child, at the same time, allows her a bit of freedom to move her arms freely under it. And the cartoon duck hood? It surely will delight your little one. Under light and moderate rainfall, your child won’t get wet. You need not worry about her getting sick.

The raincoat’s material is ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). It’s not toxic. It’s durable, foldable, and ultra-lightweight. And doesn’t smell, too. You can bring the raincoat anywhere because you can easily slip it into a small space in your bag. So, when the rain comes unexpectedly while doing your shopping with the little one, you’re ready to cover her!

And to keep your child’s feet dry, get this equally colorful anti-slip duck boot, too. It’s made of soft non-toxic rubber with a dry cotton interior. While the exterior has a waterproof leather trim and rubber sole. Your kid will surely love the bright yellow duck design that matches the hood of the raincoat.

With this protection, you stay cool while your child enjoys the rain. Everybody happy!

The cartoon duck raincoat comes in varied sizes. It’s suitable for kids aged 1 to 15 years old. Available in Amazon. Prices vary, depending on the seller. But choose the one that best suits your child.

Lazada Philippines

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