The Fantastic Flour Treats Burns

Perhaps, the reason a flour is called “all-purpose” is due to its ability to do more than baking and cooking. I’ve proven that an all-purpose flour can treat minor burns, too.

I never gave much attention to what a friend told me some years ago. She said matter-of-fact, while working on a dough, that an all-purpose flour is an effective treatment for burns.

But two nights ago, her words came quickly back to my mind. I was grilling some pork then when my hand accidentally landed on a portion of the burning grill. My instinct told me to dip my hand in the flour. Although half expecting for results, I reached for the box of flour which I stored in a spice rack. Instead of dipping my hand into it, I got a spoonful of the powder and spread it over my palm and fingers. For a minute or two, I felt a prickling sensation on the part where I got burned. I left the flour in my palm for about 20 minutes before washing it off with tap water.

And lo and behold! There wasn’t any trace of the burn. Not a bit! There was only a temporary reddening on my skin where the burned part was. I didn’t even feel any sore at all.

And so now, I can attest to the efficacy of the flour in treating burns. Perhaps, the reason it’s called “all-purpose” is that of the flour’s ability to do more than baking and cooking.

Organic einkorn all-purpose flour available at Amazon

I wonder if there’s more an all-purpose flour can do. I’m interested to know.

Anyway, I recommend that you keep a bag of flour in your kitchen cupboard. Not only for baking or cooking purposes. You’ll never know when accidents can happen. Oil can also splash when frying. So, you might want to apply the flour, instead of using cold water, to avoid the blisters.

By the way, the organic einkorn all-purpose flour is pure because it never undergoes modern hybridization. So, you can be sure of purest wheat in your diet, too.

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