Baking Soda and Its Several Uses

I believe in the saying, “Make do with what you already have”. Aside from being a practical choice, it saves me money, too. That’s why I’m a great fan of the baking soda. It’s bankable and versatile, both in baking and non-food applications.

Following my amazing “(re)discovery” of the all-purpose flour’s healing property, I’ve become interested in finding out the capabilities of other household items. Although I’m still bent in knowing more about the flour, I feel like writing about the baking soda first.

I’ve been baffled about the many capabilities of baking soda. There’s this question that keeps running in my head: why is it so versatile as a food ingredient and as a cleaning agent? So I started searching for reasons.

The Why

Why is baking soda so bankable and versatile both in the kitchen and elsewhere?

In most households, it’s commonly referred to as baking soda. In science classrooms, it’s called sodium bicarbonate. And like every matter, sodium bicarbonate has its own definitive properties.

Now, let’s go into the scientific side of it. The molecular composition of sodium bicarbonate includes one carbon atom, one hydrogen atom, one sodium atom, and three oxygen atoms. It is alkaline. And alkaline reacts with acids.

The reason your baked goods rise is that gas is released when baking soda reacts with the acid-containing ingredients, like cream of tartar, lemon juice or lactic acid in buttermilk.

On the other hand, since many of the bad smell is caused by acids, baking soda reacts to it by neutralizing the odors. And the coarse texture of baking soda crystals makes it efficient at removing stains and dirt from varied surfaces. And, didn’t you know that baking soda can clean your teeth?

It’s the alkaline property, therefore, that makes sodium bicarbonate useful for baking, deodorizing, and cleaning.

Uses of the Baking Soda

I found at least 50 “miracle” uses of baking soda. You might be surprised to discover that the right item for any job could just be hiding in your cupboard.

Since it would be too long to write them down all at once, I’ve decided to give you one tip at a time on how you may use your baking soda other than in baking. Let me start with the facial wash:

 Tip #1: A fantastic facial wash

This one is closest to my heart. I think I’ve found the best facial wash ever! It’s neither of the most popular nor the most expensive brand. Rather, I found it in the baking soda and virgin coconut oil (VCO) mixture. Yes, it’s a combination of two natural products.

natural facial wash
Solimo Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

The baking soda – VCO facial wash will leave your skin hydrated, fresh, and soft. And toxin-free, too! Unlike branded facial cleaners available in the market, this mixture provides you with all the nutrients you need to keep your skin clean and healthy. This homemade facial wash removes dirt, excess oil and dead skin. It also has an amazing effect on acne, redness, and scars. Baking soda regulates the pH level of your skin and aids in the healing of breakouts. While the virgin coconut oil moisturizes, nourishes and heals you with its strong antibacterial properties.

Here’s how to make this all-natural facial wash.

  1. Make a paste of baking soda and virgin coconut oil. The proportion is up to you. Anyway, the paste will not go stale and lose its efficacy even if you store it for weeks. I usually make two teaspoonfuls of baking soda and two or two-and-a-half teaspoon of the VCO. [I can prepare only this much at a time because the bottle I’m storing it in is small].
  2. Rub the mixture gently on your face in circular motions.
  3. Wash it off with water. If you’re living in rather cold regions, it’s advisable that you wash the baking soda – VCO paste with warm water to prevent the oil from clogging your pores. But if you’re in warmer countries, tap water is enough. I use only tap water since I’m in a tropical country. So far, I don’t get any problem with clogged pores. If you intend to use the mixture as a facial mask, you may leave it on for several minutes.

Actually, I don’t only use this mixture on my face. From time to time, I use it as a body scrub too. I love the result. It leaves my skin softer, fresh, hydrated and free from harmful chemicals.

I’m using the 54-oz jar Solimo Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for my skin care. And I’m very satisfied with it. It’s certified organic and non-GMO. The product is packed in 3 sizes (15, 30, and 54 ounces)

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