Dancing-you: Dançar-te – Book Review

Mesmerizing pieces of work

Book Review

Dancing-you: Dançar-te
By Gisela Pereira

Gisela Pereira’s Danciny-you will take you to a world of beauty, love, mysticism, and spirituality

Gisela Pereira’s Dancing-you is a mesmerizing series of poems, which essence is very well encapsulated in these lines that the author herself writes:

“It all started to the sound of a small drum. A drum of rituals and hypnosis that would get us lost in the inebriated dance. A drum of paradoxical sounds slowly creating the rhythm of our body…”

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dancing-you has a sort of hypnotic element! As soon as I started reading this book, I found myself poring over it until the end. Perhaps, it’s how the author delivered each poem and the beautiful illustrations that kept me glued to it. Pereira carefully intertwines the themes of love, spirituality, and nature into the poems so much so that each piece systematically forms a rhythm.

Originally written in Portuguese as Dançar-te, the book of poems is later adapted to English by the author herself. Good thing that Gisela Pereira did not literally translate her work into English. Otherwise, the essence would have been lost. Although I don’t understand Portuguese, I felt that the emotions conveyed in the English adaptation are just as intense as those of the original version.  

Dancing-you shows the author’s adeptness in playing with words. She is gifted with a rich imagination. Being a poet and a screenwriter, she knows exactly when to put the right words to a piece of work. The illustrations are an added bonus that makes her work even more interesting. Having said this, I give Dancing-you a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to readers 16 years old and above. I also invite people who are not fond of poetry to take even just a quick look at this book. Try browsing through the pages and read a poem or two, and we’ll see if you wouldn’t fall in love with Dancing-you.

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