Happy Healing – Book Review

Healing Through Meditation

Book Review

Happy Healing:  8 Magic Steps to Relieve Physical Pain and Discomfort
By Dominique Bourlet

The essence of Happy Healing: 8 Magic Steps to Relieve Pain and Discomfort can be encapsulated in this sentence, which the author himself writes:

“The key prerequisite to healing is the soft approach.”

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 Dominique Bourlet tries to convince his readers that there’s an equally, if not better, alternative to conventional medicine. Following his extensive research, workshops, and immersion among Oriental healers, the author claims that it’s possible to forego doctor’s prescriptions. He believes that sending positive energy and “talking to your body-in-pain (BOP) in a loving manner” instead of viewing it as an enemy can help a lot in easing your discomfort.

Backed with tons of experience as a therapist and healer, there’s no doubt that Bourlet has the right to produce and share this book to anyone who wishes to get healed from physical discomfort without going under the knife. What I like the most in this book is that the author outlines strategies on how to deal with pain and specific concerns. He provides clear directions, allowing the reader to follow the process in a coherent manner. His “8 Tips of the Cosmos” are thoroughly explained. I think a patient can successfully perform the self-healing methods by following the instructions presented in the book. I also like Bourlet’s attempt to advise a female patient against surgery to remove her uterus. As a pro-life myself, I agree with the author’s proposition about the human body.

However, I should be honest in saying that I’m a bit skeptical about the homeopathic method. I still prefer to take heed the advice of professional physicians or mainstream medicine. But I’m also open to the practice of alternative healing like herbal medicine and meditation because I believe that relief from disease and maintaining good health is not only about popping pills and surgery. I also agree that it’s not harmful to consider holistic approaches, especially on conditions that are not necessarily life-threatening. But, people have to be prudent in advocating alternative healing because we’re putting our lives on the line on this matter.

Nevertheless, the issue of homeopathy is something I like the least. I’m yet to be convinced that the soft procedure is fool-proof.

While I appreciate the author’s approach to healing, I’m concerned about a cancer patient’s total submission to Bourlet’s soft procedure and ignoring a professional doctor’s advice. I think it’s too dangerous. And, this is the part that I dislike the most in the author’s proposition. It’s quite disturbing for me because it’s a matter of life and death. The “naming and interacting with pain” thing that he discusses is also a bit too much for me.

On the technical side, I find Happy Healing: 8 Magic Steps to Relieve Pain and Discomfort a bit boring in the sense that the author tends to be repetitive. What he discusses extensively in the earlier chapters, he repeats in the latter part. But this matter is not much of an issue for me because the readers can actually cherry-pick the chapters that may serve them best.

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Overall, I give Happy Healing: 8 Magic Steps to Relieve Pain and Discomfort a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this book to readers who advocate a homeopathic and holistic approach to healing. They will surely pick up a lot of good things from it.

For those who are yet to open themselves to homeopathic healing, I suggest you give Happy Healing: 8 Magic Steps to Relieve Pain and Discomfort a try. Just read it with a grain of salt. This may not be the best book for you, but at least it will balance your strongly held belief.

[This review was first published in the Online Book Club]

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