The Unbound Soul – Book Review

Going Deep Into Consciousness

Book Review

The Unbound Soul: A Visionary Guide to Spiritual Transformation and Enlightenment
By Richard L. Haight

“Reading alone is insufficient. The value of these teachings cannot be assessed until one has practiced sufficiently with pure intentions.”

If you’re seeking spirituality, “The Unbound Soul” is your perfect guide. Get it from Amazon.

That’s right! As the author puts it, The Unbound Soul: A Visionary Guide to Spiritual Transformation and Enlightenment is not just a material meant merely for your reading satisfaction. If you are seeking spirituality, this self-help book will guide you through a process of meditation and other similar exercises to achieve the level of consciousness.

This book is rather a selfless sharing of the author’s personal “inspirience”, hoping to help others in finding their own spiritual ways of life. Richard Haight wants that the rest of humanity may also taste a life of utmost peace and harmony just like he has, so that only love may reign in the world.

The Unbound Soul is a narrative of Haight’s personal life journey. His calling, or vocation, started when he was a child. He used to live a normal childhood until he dreamed of Jesus who told him to “find my bones for they are the core of my teachings”. Since then, his life has never been the same again, for the encounter with the Lord made him restless and seeking for meaning.

In spite of his age and the difficulties in understanding that dream, Haight decided to pursue the quest to uncover the core of God’s teachings. His continual search, which eventually defined his current path, brought him to different regions. In the Amazon, he lived with and learned from a local tribe and healers. He also settled in Japan for some time to study martial arts. And, having mastered the discipline, Haight went on to teach martial arts in that Asian country before going back to the United States where he felt he was needed.

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Richard Haight is a skilled story-teller. His narrative is engaging, sprinkling anecdotes here and there and inspiring the reader to apply what he teaches. In each chapter, he gives clear instructional exercises that are mostly easy to follow. I say ‘mostly easy’ because there are also exercises that needed personal coaching. For example, while trying to follow his instructions on meditation, I felt a strong throbbing on my temples, and I became drowsy throughout the process. My concentration dissipated and found it hard to focus again. Also, the consciousness exercise is too challenging, I can’t seem to do it on my own because my mind gets the better of me. But, I know that this exercise is achievable only if I’d be personally guided.

Despite my failure to follow through, however, the meditation and consciousness exercises are the parts that I like the most. I’m personally interested in continuing to do these processes. But the Dance of Self is something I like the least. I feel awkward, even silly, doing it. (I could hear Haight telling me, ‘you’re using your mind’)

Overall, I have not found any part of the book that I dislike. The time constraint that I had in reading the book should not be considered a negative factor for I can choose to allocate ample time to read this book. Besides,  I can go back to it anytime I want to. And, if there was any technical or grammatical error in The Unbound Soul, I haven’t noticed it. It must have been negligible. For these reasons, I give the book a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

I recommend The Unbound Soul to anyone seeking spirituality and meaningful life path. But, I should forewarn you that reading this book alone and for a limited time is insufficient. Haight’s instructional exercises are compelling you will want to try them even if you feel awkward about it at first. Hence, you should allocate more time and a conducive place to read this book in private.

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