Impact of Domestic Violence: A Victim’s Testimony

Physical assault, psychological abuse, and name calling are some of the varied forms of bullying that can profoundly hurt the victim. Sadly, many of the victims are scared to talk about their predicament for many reasons.

But thanks to Lizzy Glazer for her courage to speak out. Listen to her story.

Abuse does not always involve screaming, yelling, beating, or any obvious form of attack. It can also be executed in a calm and covert manner.  And it’s happening in all societies of the world. Whether you’re poor or belonging to the elite families, you can be bullied. Even celebrities and people who excel in their fields are not exempt from naysayers. 

Lauren Powers, a celebrity bodybuilder, confessed that she was once bullied. But instead of sulking in the corner, she turned the negative words against her into a motivation to build herself up. She writes in her book, Beneath the Muscle: Unleash Your Inner Champion,

“Bullies are products of an unhealthy environment and are living in pain as a result. The only way a bully can raise themselves up and improve their self-esteem is to belittle others or intimidate them in some way. When you recognize this and react with empathy instead of anger, things change.”

Powers believes that bullies still exist and are using new technology to advance their hurtful and childish behavior.

Using social media and the internet, bullies have widened their audience and expanded their dirty work in relative anonymity.  But no matter how it is carried out, abuse is something that should be eradicated in all homes, schools, workplace, online, and anywhere in the world. 

Let’s support the victims and help them get out of an abusive relationship.

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