Beneath the Muscle: Unleash Your Inner Champion – Book Review

Do Whatever You Love

Book Review

Beneath the Muscle: Unleash Your Inner Champion
By Lauren Powers

If the content of this book could be encapsulated in one sentence, it would be this:

“Do whatever you love, help others enjoy the benefits of what you do, and success will follow.”

motivational book
A must-read motivational book!

The people who know Lauren Powers, but who have yet to read this book may readily surmise that Beneath the Muscle: Unleash Your Inner Champion is about fitness and bodybuilding.

On the contrary, this non-fiction work veers away from the typical style of writing a fitness trainer usually follows. Beneath the Muscle is beyond the physical building of muscles and strength. Rather, this is a motivational book that teaches readers how to strive for excellence and strengthen the mind and emotion to achieve the level of success aimed for. Powers, a self-proclaimed “women’s empowerment-event promoter”, wants to help her followers and readers reach their most meaningful goal. She believes that by “discovering who we are and becoming our authentic selves” is an important aspect of our growth process.

To boost her followers’ confidence, Lauren Powers shares her own struggles and challenges in life. Beginning with her childhood, she narrates how she experienced bullying for having poor eyesight and different from the typical kids her age. But instead of sulking in the corner, she boldly inculcates in her mind that “when it comes to bullying and mean words, the reality is that nobody can hurt you without your permission”. Equipping herself with this mindset, she stood her ground no matter what the naysayers threw at her. She took pride in being different and kept on moving forward until she reached her goal, becoming the person that she is now. She wants her followers to develop and possess the same attitude, too. That’s why, in almost all pages of Beneath the Muscle, the reader will find a generous amount of encouraging statements that will certainly ignite hope of a despairing soul.

There are actually more than a handful of very good things that I like in Beneath the Muscle. I can’t pinpoint which one should be considered the best because they all seem equally important and worth emulating. And so, I randomly pick the part where the author shares her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Lauren is candid about her weaknesses and brave enough to tell about her struggle with the substance and booze. I commend her for doing so because not many addicts are keen on looking back and talking about their dark experience. Her commitment to sobriety is exemplary. And I like how she repeatedly acknowledges her family for being supportive of her cause. It’s a subtle way of instilling in the hearts of the young people that family support is valuable.

Although I like Lauren Powers’ strength and determination to succeed, I still have to adjust myself to keep the same pace as she does. It’s not that I’m too slow in pursuing my goals. It’s just that we have a different lifestyle. Other than this little uneasiness, I don’t see anything to dislike in the author’s advice.

Had there been any clerical errors in the book, they must have been negligible for I didn’t notice anything. Or, I must have been engrossed in contemplating the author’s advice that I didn’t mind the errors. Having said these, I give Beneath the Muscle: Unleash Your Inner Champion a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Readers from all walks of life should read this book even just for once. If you feel like your life is a failure or worthless, learn from the many struggles that Powers went through. All her advice is practical and was based on her personal experiences. Women who may be struggling in a male-dominated organization can learn a lot from her strategy.

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