Fun Facts About Sweet Potato

For today’s Fun Facts, let’s turn our attention to the sweet potatoes (kamote in the Philippines).

plant-based foods
Photo credits: The Sacred Plant
  • February 22 is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day in the United States.
  • Unlike the regular potatoes which are tubers, or underground stems, sweet potatoes are roots.
  • Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber when eaten with the skin on.
  • Sweet potatoes can be:
    • eaten raw
    • boiled (nilaga in the Philippines)
    • fried (called kamotecue in the Philippines)
    • steamed
    • baked
    • microwaved
    • juiced
    • pureed
  • Sweet potatoes are cholesterol-free and fat-free.

Sweet potatoes offer tons of health benefits, you should start making it a part of your diet.

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