Pineapple Leather: the Trending Fashion

plant-based leather

Combining innovation and environmental values, a handful of companies have recently succeeded in introducing a range of products using eco-friendly leather. Veering away from the conventional animal hide, a handful of fashion brands venture into making eco-friendly and sustainable product lines using pineapple leaf fibers. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Dr. Carmen Hijosa, a …

What’s next?

Practicing Resurrection

There’s a wrap-around advertisement from Monsanto on the cover of the October edition of Successful Farming magazine.  The text of it reads:

What’s next in weed control technology?  Roundup Ready 2  XTend Soybeans.  An advanced soybean product with tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate.  Xtend your control.

(in small print at the bottom) Pending regulatory approvals. Not available for sale or commercial planting.  

I’ve blogged often about how the use of Roundup (glyphosate) on genetically modified crops has led to the emergence of glyphosate-resistant “superweeds.”  Nature is amazingly resilient like that.

This hasn’t hurt Monsanto’s profits, however.  Now they can sell more glyphosate than ever, as farmers who have become dependent upon it now have to apply it in heavier and more frequent applications.  And of course it creates a market for new products, like “Roundup Ready 2 XTend Soybeans,” genetically engineered to be resistant to dicamba as well as…

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Will we have enough fresh water by next century?

Water is a renewable resource.  But there is a danger that we might not have enough supply by the 21st century because of over-extraction and possible contamination of aquifers. If we mismanage the natural systems that provide us with fresh water, we will be making water unsustainable in the long run. You might find me …

Organic clothing for a healthier lifestyle

You don’t have to be an activist marching on the streets shouting for radical change, but you can make a subtle statement with the clothes you wear.  By choosing organic clothing, you can show your love for Mother Earth, as well as promote your own healthy lifestyle. To be a fashionista is one thing, to …

Going bananas: sagging with benefits

While the Philippines has successfully put its piña fabric, the clothing made of pineapple leaves, into the mainstream of the fashion industry, let’s move further forward and identify another possible source of our basic need - that is, clothing, hoping to revive the tradition and lifestyle that our forefathers used to have.  I’m not talking …

Coco toyo: a soy-free sauce from coconut water

coco toyo

Soy sauce is one of the most important food ingredients in Southeast Asia. But what if a soy-free sauce is made to substitute the traditional soybean-based condiment? Will its consumers welcome it? There’s this episode of an agriculture-oriented TV program in the Philippines that I can’t seem to take off my mind. It’s about a …