Why is the Coconut Tree Called Tree of Life?

the tree of life

When you live long enough anywhere in the Asia-Pacific region, you will realize why the coconut is called “the tree of life”. From housing materials to novelty items, to oil and food production... name it! You’ll be amazed at the versatility of the coconut. Every part of the palm tree has its own shares of uses.

Coconut milk: an effective remedy for constipation?

coconut milk

A cup of coconut milk may be all that it takes to solve constipation. This home remedy acts fast to relieve your discomfort. And it’s healthy, too. At some points in our lives and for some reasons, we experience constipation. And it is, indeed, inconvenient, while you’re at it. I should know because I did …

Coconut Oil: Effective Prevention of Hair Fall

coconut oil

Coconut oil is, perhaps, the most useful product Nature has ever produced. You can use it in varied applications - from food preparation to health care. In this article, let’s see how coconut oil helps prevent hair fall. I don’t question the importance of professional medical advice regarding hair problem. But there are also natural …

Coco toyo: a soy-free sauce from coconut water

coco toyo

Soy sauce is one of the most important food ingredients in Southeast Asia. But what if a soy-free sauce is made to substitute the traditional soybean-based condiment? Will its consumers welcome it? There’s this episode of an agriculture-oriented TV program in the Philippines that I can’t seem to take off my mind. It’s about a …