How you can help reduce air pollution

In line with the World Environment Day celebration, I reblog this article I wrote 2 years ago.

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Since the dawn of theIndustrial Revolution, air pollution has become a great problem in most urban centers. While it may be near impossible to totally eradicate it, we can do something to help reduce air pollution in our area.

reduce air pollution Use your car less. Bike to work

Air pollution is a socio-political, economic, and environmental problem. It has already taken its toll on humans, animals, plants and the environment. We may not be able to stop it altogether. But we can, at least, reduce its impact.

Here are some helpful tips on how we can make our lives in urban centers better.

This Activated Carbon Dust Mask is excellent for cycling or running

Drive less. Cars and trucks produce a large amount of nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide, as we know, contributes to the formation of photochemical smog. Breathing in a raised level of this gas increases your risk of…

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Fun Facts About the Verdant Broccoli

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DID YOU KNOW? Broccoli has a cancer-fighting substance called sulforaphane which, according to a study made by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, helps activate the body's immune cells, called the helper T-cells. This may also help the liver in detoxifying potential carcinogens like cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, drugs, and alcohol. Scientists in World Cancer …

Quote of the Day: EAT HEALTHY

"Obesity and chronic diseases are the inevitable consequence of your poor food choices... Every time you eat processed foods, you exclude from your diet hundreds of undiscovered phytochemicals that are crucial for normal human functions." This is what Dr. Joel Fuhrman emphasizes in his book, Eat to Live. ___________ Photo credits:

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For today's Fun Facts, let's turn our attention to the sweet potatoes (kamote in the Philippines). February 22 is National Cook a Sweet Potato Day in the United States. Unlike the regular potatoes which are tubers, or underground stems, sweet potatoes are roots. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of fiber when eaten with the …

Why You Should Eat Bananas

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Fun Facts About the Tasty Tomatoes

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DID YOU KNOW? Tomato, scientifically known as Lycopersicum esculentum Miller is believed to have originated from South America and was brought by the Spaniards to Europe in the 1500s and later to the Philippines, which eventually spread throughout Asia. Tomato is an important and popular vegetable fruit grown in all parts of the Philippines. It's …

Fun Facts About the Acerbic Ampalaya

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DID YOU KNOW? Okra (Hibiscus esculentus L.) is a tall growing, warm season and annual vegetable crop. It is a popular and profitable vegetable crop in the country. The young and tender fruits can be prepared as a salad, boiled, or fried and can be mixed in any meat and fish dishes. It is also …

Why Do Overweight and Obesity Happen?

REPOST: [The following content is originally published in Wall Street International magazine, of which I'm one of the regular contributing authors. I intentionally repost this to supplement my previous Mediterranean Diet article here] The Mediterranean Diet: What Makes it Effective The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded worldwide obesity at almost triple higher from what …

Raw Leafy Veggies: the Key to a Long Life

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Every other person wishes to live a long life. Do you, too?  Here's the secret that many nonagenarians and centenarians follow. Well, the key to longevity is simple. Eat healthily! Scientific research has shown that raw, leafy green vegetables, which we commonly refer to as SALAD has a strong positive association with increased longevity in …

Fun Facts About the Amazing Alugbati

DID YOU KNOW? Alugbati (Basella alba L.) is a succulent, branched, smooth, twining, herbaceous vine, reaching a length of several meters. The stems are green or purplish. The leaves are somewhat fleshy, ovate or heart-shaped, 5-12 centimeters (cm) in length, stalked, tapering to a pointed tip and heart shape at the base. Alugbati grows well …