People’s Climate March: a walk towards a cleaner Earth

There is power in unity! The People's Climate March has initially won. Thousand of Earth advocates came and responded to our call. Soon after the September 21 mobilization, countries from across the globe have started making plans and executing concrete actions that are easier on the environment. Little by little, we are heading forward... The [...]

Misa de Aguinaldo: what do you wish for?

Tomorrow, December 16, starts the official observance of Christmas season, which will last until the Epiphany, or during the commemoration of the Magi's visit to the Child Jesus. In the Philippines, the celebration commences with Misa de Aguinaldo or Simbang Gabi, a reverential nine-dawn Masses practiced by both the Roman Catholics and Aglipayans in deference to [...]

After Yolanda: it’s time to rebuild

After the storm has gone, it's time to get back up again.  Life must go on.  The Filipino spirit of resiliency must work. November 8, 2013 is the day of horror for many Filipinos as super typhoon Yolanda (internationally known as Haiyan) ravaged through the Visayas region in central Philippines, leaving behind thousands dead, numerous wounded, [...]

Lazi Convent: a national landmark on Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island may be a tiny place, but it is rich in natural wonders as well as in structures of historical and architectural value.  For one, it is home to the largest and oldest convent in Asia. The Lazi Convent on the southern edge of Siquijor island is recognized as one of the historical landmarks [...]

The Wave: reminiscing the Jurassic Age

This multi-coloured sandstone rock formation is a popular attraction and hiking destination on the Colorado Plateau, near the Utah and Arizona (USA) border. Believed to be approximately 190 million years old, this natural wonder is truly a gift of God to us. The Wave has survived millions of weather, may it forever be preserved for [...]

Barry Commoner: pillar of the environmental movement

On September 30, 2012, the pillar of the Environmental Movement dies. Barry Commoner, the scientist-activist was the man behind the successful campaign of a nuclear test ban treaty in the early 1960s.  He fought against nuclear power because he rightfully knew the negative impact of radioactive waste. He conducted significant researches on the issue and his [...]

Philippines commemorates 114 years of sovereignty

June 12, 1898 marks the day when the Filipino people experienced the taste of freedom! This year the Philippines commemorates 114 years of sovereignty. Exactly 114 years ago today, the Filipino revolutionary forces led by General Emilio Aguinaldo, proclaimed the sovereignty and independence of the Philippine Islands on June 12, 1898 from the colonial rule [...]