Traditional Filipino Games Series #02: Bahay-Bahayan

traditional Filipino games

Feeding my nostalgia for my childhood, again! The Philippines is known for its rich and diverse cultural heritage and traditions. Despite having been colonized by the Spaniards (for 333 years), Japanese, and Americans, Filipinos keep a culture uniquely distinct from the rest of humanity. And, one thing I am proud of is our resilience. Didn’t …

Traditional Filipino Games Series #01: Luksong Tinik

traditional Filipino games

Before the internet age and electronic games, there were traditional Filipino activities and home-made toys. Our games involved socialization and team building. We never knew the internet games you have today. Neither did we know Mario Brothers, Game Boy, nor Tetris. What we had instead were local household materials or whatever there was in our …

Fun Facts About Rice

DID YOU KNOW? The scientific name of rice is Oryza sativa. As a cereal grain, it is the most widely consumed staple food for a large part of the world's human population, especially in Asia. It is the grain with second-highest worldwide production, after corn. Rice is the staple food for us Filipinos and for …

Quote of the Day: Don’t Judge Others

That's picture perfect...! Until we make an opinion out of it. You see, sometimes it's easy for us to judge a person based on the visual appearance of the subject. And most often than not, we succumb to the temptation of making a statement [usually negative] about what we just saw at a glance and …

Quote of the Day: REACH OUT


"For someone suffering from anxiety or depression, saying 'I'm fine' is just deflecting the question of how they really are doing." Depression is real! But oftentimes, we could not detect when a person is suffering from such a condition, and they would never readily tell their story.  When asked how he or she is doing, …

How you can help reduce air pollution

In line with the World Environment Day celebration, I reblog this article I wrote 2 years ago.

The Catalyst

Since the dawn of theIndustrial Revolution, air pollution has become a great problem in most urban centers. While it may be near impossible to totally eradicate it, we can do something to help reduce air pollution in our area.

reduce air pollution Use your car less. Bike to work

Air pollution is a socio-political, economic, and environmental problem. It has already taken its toll on humans, animals, plants and the environment. We may not be able to stop it altogether. But we can, at least, reduce its impact.

Here are some helpful tips on how we can make our lives in urban centers better.

This Activated Carbon Dust Mask is excellent for cycling or running

Drive less. Cars and trucks produce a large amount of nitrogen dioxide. Nitrogen dioxide, as we know, contributes to the formation of photochemical smog. Breathing in a raised level of this gas increases your risk of…

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June 5 is World Environment Day

World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day (WED). Bearing the theme ‘Air Pollution’, let’s talk about how air quality affects you, your community, and the country where you live right now. The United Nations General Assembly established World Environment Day (WED) in 1972 on the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. This was …

Pineapple Leather: the Trending Fashion

plant-based leather

Combining innovation and environmental values, a handful of companies have recently succeeded in introducing a range of products using eco-friendly leather. Veering away from the conventional animal hide, a handful of fashion brands venture into making eco-friendly and sustainable product lines using pineapple leaf fibers. Thanks to the brilliant mind of Dr. Carmen Hijosa, a …

Quote of the Day: EAT HEALTHY

"Obesity and chronic diseases are the inevitable consequence of your poor food choices... Every time you eat processed foods, you exclude from your diet hundreds of undiscovered phytochemicals that are crucial for normal human functions." This is what Dr. Joel Fuhrman emphasizes in his book, Eat to Live. ___________ Photo credits:

Binignit: A Healthy ‘Good Friday’ Snack

Good Friday is supposed to be the ultimate fasting day for Catholics. But for Filipinos, it’s - more often than not - a “binignit day”. What really is it that makes binignit a Good Friday favorite? In the Visayas and some regions of the Philippines, binignit refers to the combination of sweet potato (kamote), plantain …