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How online stores can make their services better

Online shopping is undoubtedly one of the greatest comforts customers can have. Admittedly, many online stores do fall short of shoppers’ expectation at times. But considering the competition that constantly looms over the industry, owners would not be hurt if potential buyers help them improve their craft.

online shopping

Online shopping defines convenience

Thanks to the technology of online shopping. It makes life so much easier. It's the radical way to save time, especially for busy working men and women. For people who are perpetually preoccupied with tons of work, like me, it’s always a hassle to allocate a bit of time to go to the shops to [...]

Magnetically-driven sponge: a solution to oil spill disaster?

Despite preventive measures, accidents do still happen involving oil spills in the oceans.  That's why scientists continue to find ways to better contain such spillage. And they found that an ordinary polyurethane foam can potentially remove oil contaminants from the water. In a recent study, researchers have found a potential in an ordinary, unmodified polyurethane (PU) foam. [...]

Hybrid vehicles: a transport to sustainable development

Fossil fuels have brought us into this modern economy. But they also put us in danger because of the increasing carbon dioxide levels they produce. It is now time that we seriously look into the use of hybrid vehicles to reduce emission of carbon dioxide. Hybrid vehicles that are charged by electricity produce clean energy. [...]

When are we going to commute on an e-trike?

  In a forum with the Department of Energy on June 30 this year, Puerto Princesa city mayor Edward Hagedorn announced that the local government has purchased one hundred units of the energy-efficient electric tricycles, or e-trikes, to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the city.  Hagedorn said that sixty of those units [...]

Snap with eco-friendly digital cameras

Thanks to those who invented the digital cameras, we don’t have to worry anymore about running out of films in the midst of capturing important scenes or events. We can also forego the agony of waiting for our photographs to be processed and printed. And by using digital cameras, we help reduce our carbon footprints.

Is prolonged use of mobile phone harmful to health?

There’s a continuing debate regarding the effects of prolonged use of mobile phone. Whether it’s proven to be dangerous or not, it’s still pays to be cautious than sorry later on. A team of scientists who studied about the effects of mobile phones to users found enough evidence to classify this gadget as potentially carcinogenic [...]

Watch out for the revolutionary Rolltop laptop

The revolutionary Rolltop laptop is set to make a new trend in portable computer. It’s not just a futuristic gadget. It’s ergonomic. Get ready to welcome the newest invention in portable computer. Developed by the Munich-based design firm, Rolltop, the revolutionary laptop carries the concept to serve the purpose of designers, architects, and everyone seeking [...]