The importance of coral reefs

Coral reefs are among the most diverse underwater ecosystems in the world. Kept together by calcium carbonate structures, they are made up of colonies of tiny animals and several other creatures called polyps, fish, and plants.  Coral reefs are home to a significant number of all marine life, making them worthy of preservation and protection [...]

Tubbataha Reef: what will become of this world heritage?

Poor leadership, planning, and series of errors led the US Navy Minesweeper USS Guardian to hit and damage 2,345.67 square meters of a protected Philippine reef on January 17, 2013.  Reports have it that both the Guardian’s leadership and its crew neglected protocol, warning systems, and visual cues.  They were also unable to reconcile the [...]

Lazi Convent: a national landmark on Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island may be a tiny place, but it is rich in natural wonders as well as in structures of historical and architectural value.  For one, it is home to the largest and oldest convent in Asia. The Lazi Convent on the southern edge of Siquijor island is recognized as one of the historical landmarks [...]

The Wave: reminiscing the Jurassic Age

This multi-coloured sandstone rock formation is a popular attraction and hiking destination on the Colorado Plateau, near the Utah and Arizona (USA) border. Believed to be approximately 190 million years old, this natural wonder is truly a gift of God to us. The Wave has survived millions of weather, may it forever be preserved for [...]

Eco-tourism on Siquijor Island

The tiny Siquijor Island has now become one of the new tourist and traveler destinations in Central Visayas, Philippines. Its pristine white sand beaches, waterfalls, caves, and other sites have attracted many people seeking for a tranquil respite.  And because it is sparsely populated, Siquijor is able to preserve its natural beauty - and the [...]

When are we going to commute on an e-trike?

  In a forum with the Department of Energy on June 30 this year, Puerto Princesa city mayor Edward Hagedorn announced that the local government has purchased one hundred units of the energy-efficient electric tricycles, or e-trikes, to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in the city.  Hagedorn said that sixty of those units [...]

CNN Travel picks Tubbataha Reefs as 8th best dive spot

CNN Travel names Tubbataha Reefs among the best dive destinations in the world, ranking it 8th of the top 50 underwater spots.  The reefs are home to several hundreds of coral and fish species, and protector of one of the few remaining colonies of breeding seabirds.   The top 50 dive spots The complete list [...]