Watch out for the revolutionary Rolltop laptop

The revolutionary Rolltop laptop is set to make a new trend in portable computer. It’s not just a futuristic gadget. It’s ergonomic. Get ready to welcome the newest invention in portable computer. Developed by the Munich-based design firm, Rolltop, the revolutionary laptop carries the concept to serve the purpose of designers, architects, and everyone seeking …

Coffin out of banana sheaves available

Have you heard of coffins made of banana sheaves? Some funeral homes have now turned to promoting eco-friendly coffins as alternative to the conventional wood material. This is their share of helping reduce the impact of climate change - by minimizing the use of hard wood and non-biodegradable options.

Why is the pineapple called a super food?


When it comes to superfood, think of pineapple! It's loaded with tons of health benefits including an immune system booster. That's what makes the fresh pineapple fruit a super superfood! I emphasize on ‘fresh’ because the facts don’t necessarily apply to the canned pineapples.  Scientifically known as Ananas comosus, pineapples are tropical plants. They commonly …