Quote of the Day: EAT HEALTHY

"Obesity and chronic diseases are the inevitable consequence of your poor food choices... Every time you eat processed foods, you exclude from your diet hundreds of undiscovered phytochemicals that are crucial for normal human functions." This is what Dr. Joel Fuhrman emphasizes in his book, Eat to Live. ___________ Photo credits: RealFarmacy.com

Why You Should Eat Bananas

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Healthy and delicious, bananas are one of the most common and popular foods worldwide. They are packed with numerous nutrients and are efficient in aiding weight loss, digestion, and heart health Eating just 2 medium-sized bananas a day will do wonders to your health. Watch this! Here's more to bananas. Incredibly inexpensive, the humble bananas …

Why Do Overweight and Obesity Happen?

REPOST: [The following content is originally published in Wall Street International magazine, of which I'm one of the regular contributing authors. I intentionally repost this to supplement my previous Mediterranean Diet article here] The Mediterranean Diet: What Makes it Effective The World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded worldwide obesity at almost triple higher from what …